photo: @cortneyarmitage / @LADYGUNN

photo: @cortneyarmitage / @LADYGUNN

*repeat repeat

“Floral Canyon (their sophomore release) stretches the band's musical envelope, adding depth, drive, and darkness to the sun-baked, surf-tinged pop music that's always been their bedrock. Produced once again by Lattimer, the album tackles modern culture ("Plugged In"), rocky relationships ("Mostly"), religious ideologies ("Speaker Destroyer"), and all points in between. Gluing everything together is the band's melodic, musical attack: equal parts percussive thunder, trembling organ, synth pads, coed harmonies, and wide-ranging guitar parts.

*repeat repeat’s sound is bold, bi-coastal beach pop, at once coolly current and proudly vintage. It's sugar-coated music with a raw, real, rocky center, and unmistakably *repeat repeat.

The band is vegan and share their life with 11 rescue animals including dogs, cats, a very talkative African Grey parrot, and an ex- racehorse.”

-Andrew Leahey