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Podcast: Beach Slang w/ James Alex 034

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On this episode we interview James Alex, the lead singer of Beach Slang. They are a indie-punk act out of Philly and have been touring the country for a few years now including a recent date at Hyde Park in London with Green Day. We are on tour with them this fall and we interviewed James on the phone while he was heading to the airport.

We take a twist on haunted history and have Andy tell us a spooky story about Toronto (where we are playing Sept. 14th with Beach Slang)

We also bring back the spirit of Alan Rickman in "Back from the Dead: Celebrity Interview" which may or may not be the worst segment we've ever done.

We play music by Beach Slang & Thigh High Tye Dye.

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Podcast: PHANGS 033

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PHANGS is an indie electro pop group from Nashville. They've collaborated with R.LUM.R and as a new band, they've been garnering tons of attention and buzz. We met some of the guys at SXSW and instantly became friends.

We talk with them about the worst shows they've ever played, including playing a stadium to 10 people with their old band. We also talk about how lead singer Jake's sound was inspired in part by having young parent and MTV.

Andy gives us his opinions on The Emoji Movie and Water Moccasins in "Get Off My Lawn with Grandpa Andy" and we rip off A Prairie Home Companion in our sound fx segment "Reenactments of Embarrassing Moments with *repeat repeat"

We play music by PHANGS and CAPPA

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Podcast: COIN w/ Ryan Winen 032

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We interview Ryan, the drummer for the band COIN, on this episode. Ryan's been a friend for years and we've watched their band explode with the huge hit "Talk Too Much". We talk to Ryan about finding success, playing in metal bands and what it was like writing his first song, which ended up becoming a track on the album.

Cliff, our intern, is back after summer vacation and we do "Cliff Notes With Cliff".

We play music by COIN.

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