New Album, New Beer: 'Glazed' Tropical Creamsicle Sour

Pontoon Brewing to Release Glazed Berliner Weisse in Collaboration with *repeat repeat


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. —  Pontoon Brewing Company has announced the release of its second beer brewed in collaboration with *repeat repeat, this one inspired by the Nashville based band’s new album, “Glazed.” The collaboration beer, also named “Glazed” will be a Berliner Weisse style sour ale with huge notes of tangerine, mango, peach and Tongan vanilla. Glazed will release in cans and on draft at the Sandy Springs based taproom of Pontoon Brewing on May 31 to coincide with *repeat repeat’s album release.

Pontoon Brewing has quickly gained a reputation for its sour program since the brewery’s recent opening. Pontoon Brewing’s “Snozzberries Tastes Like Snozzberries” was ranked 137th best beer of 2018 and 9th ranked sour in Beer Connoisseur. A variant of the beer with dragon fruit walked away with a third place finish at the highly competitive Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting. The fledgling Pontoon Brewing is known for continuously pushing out unique, radical and delicious fruited sours.

“The base sour recipe has been in development for over three years now,” said Pontoon Brewing’s brewmaster, Cole Brown. “From the start we had some stylistic choices such as rye and American yeast strains. This beer aims to take that base and be eclectic, off the wall, and tradition shattering, just like *repeat repeat’s sound. The complex acidity and the unusually recognizable malt finish has a great synergy with the absurd tropical creamsicle fruit and vanilla additions to give a fun, yet complex, outcome of flavors.”

“We aren’t an ordinary band, and Pontoon is not an ordinary brewing company,” *repeat repeat explained. “They take a fresh approach to beer and flavor profiles and bring excitement into each type of beer they brew. We love working with them because they are always open to cool ideas and always eager to try something new. We also have a special connection with Pontoon because we spent four days on the farm at Bonnaroo with Sean putting out positive vibes and promoting our Surf Rock Candy Shandy when we got our first chance to play Bonnaroo. We are so excited to be spreading the summer cheer again with this new beer.”

As the official brewery of the Redaroo Beer Exchange at Bonnaroo this June, Glazed will be featured in the Redaroo tent as well as in the official Bonnaroo Broo’ers Tent. Additionally, it will be distributed throughout Georgia.

*repeat repeat’s album, Glazed, was produced and co-written with the Black Key’s Patrick Carney and will be featured on a tour with The Black Keys and Modest Mouse beginning in September. There’s more to look forward to with this collaboration as Pontoon explores the fresh color sets of the album to craft new flavor profiles in new releases to come.

“Glazed is about looking at the world through a different lens,” *repeat repeat said. “It’s about taking the familiarities of life and love and the end of the world, and approaching it all with renewed optimism in a fresh set of colors.”

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